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Commercials: the broadcasters giving us time for a potty break. 


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> > From: "Paula Lieberman" paal at gis.net
> > Any Superbowl ad from GoDaddy. I want every male responsible for them 
> > castrated, and utterly depise the company.
> > 
> > I'm also still boycotting Clorox for an ad campaign years ago 
> I remember an ad for some junk food rubbish that had a child singing, "My
> mum's better than your mum, she buys...." Can't remember what it was, 
> since nobody got that far in the ad - the HUGE wave of protest had it taken
> off quickly.
> And another junk food ad, where one child had a school lunch box full of 
> home-made treats, and another had the junk food and the comment "My
> mum has a life." Also taken off fast.
> I hate ads that use children. I also hate ads that have someone pretending
> to be a scientist, doctor, etc. And the pretend interview ones. And any
> start/sports star spruiking the product - do they think we don't know those
> people are paid to do it? And ads that are over-the-top flagwaving fake
> patriotic. Or too noisy. Or just plain insulting to the intelligence.
> Frankly, I don't watch ads much, we have a mute button for a reason. Also,
> there's always something better on another station. Or it's a good time to 
> go make a nice cup of tea.
> Above all, my response to the whole image-pushing industry is... sod off.
> I choose my own reality.
> And if you hit life fast enough, head on, you build it the way you choose.
> Gwynne (in a stroppy mood)
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