[LMB] The Once and Future Miles

Andrew Barton andrew.157barton at btinternet.com
Thu Jan 6 04:31:05 GMT 2011

On Jan 3, 2011, at 8:20 PM, Gwynne Powell wrote:

> I'd see him more as Ges - he can project incredible menace.
> How do you feel about Brian Blessed as Aral? Or, if we're allowed to 
> include dead actors, Oliver Reed.

Howard Brazee :
> Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow had a decades dead actor playing a decades dead character. <

> How about the next Dr. Who - being cast by some actor who died in the past (Time Lords don't have our normal limitations). <

It's been done.  Wikipedia says of John Pertwee:

'His last association with the series was posthumous. With the approval of his widow, Ingeborg, his voice was utilised as part of the plot of the Big Finish Productions 40th Anniversary Doctor Who audio drama, Zagreus, appearing as messages from the Doctor's TARDIS as it attempted to help the currently corrupted Eighth Doctor (voiced by Paul McGann). Pertwee's voice was culled from a fan-produced Doctor Who film Devious, portions of which were recorded just prior to his death.'


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