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Well, but you have to get it on cable, didn't you say?  Not on antenna?  Of
course, cable wouldn't have it, probably, except in the states along the
Northern Border.

Entwife Judy

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>I can get CBC2 radio as far south as North Everett, WA.  On Whidbey 
>Island,  my cousins used to get on antenna TV some Canadian 
>broadcasting.  I only  have satellite TV, but I probably could 
>otherwise, being between  Marysville  and Stanwood.
> Entwife Judy

Yes, well, you live even closer to the Canadian border than I do <g>.  I'm
between Tacoma and Puyallup.

who watched the first episode of Pillars of the Earth on CBC last night (in
the US it's only running on one of the premium cable channels) 

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