[LMB] Skills of the Koudelka girls Was: Kareen in Barrayaran Society (was Levels of Sexuality)

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Thu Jan 6 22:27:36 GMT 2011

It just struck me that in at least two of the four cases (Martya,
Kareen), the Koudelka girls are basically employing the skills of an
excellent armsman to their chosen, frequently overly focused, mates.
There isn't much info on the other two yet, although in their cases
they seem to have found people who can navigate corners and social
events with reasonable ease.

In Kareen and Martya's cases they tend to run interference as the much
more attractive and "people person" interface between the world and
Mark or Enrique, they seem to have a hand in organizing their lives
and making sure they don't forget the little things (like bathing),
and in effect they act as a polishing wheel to the rough edges in
making them more socially acceptable.

And since, in a way Drou was a female armsman to both Count Vorbarra
and Cordelia, it would seem that this is in some way either an
inherited or learned from mother behavior.


On Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 11:39 AM, Royce McDaniels
<roycemcdaniels158 at gmail.com> wrote:
> actually, Kareen is not a barrayaran girl anymore. she shows signs of
> kicking over the traces in ACC, with her "kareen custom" of an option on
> mark. now, six years later, she is apparently satisfied with her continued
> "option" on mark but has not gone through any form of civil or social
> marriaget to him, and apparently they have no children.
> BUT notice her poise, her self confidence, her smooth handling of crises
> (and the way she neatly feeds the group at the clandestine cryofacility
> while mark is Dealing, i suspect something she does regularly while around
> Mark) when she appears on Kibou-Daini. She is no longer the sweet but
> provincial barrayaran girl she was at the beginning and even the end of ACC.
> She no longer belongs to barrayar, but to herself, and the Nexus is her
> home.
> I don't think she and mark give two flips of a vor cavalry horse's tail what
> the prudes on barrayar think of her. but that's just me.
> hiding out from the rehab lady royce

Jeff Shultz
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