[LMB] Kareen in Barrayaran Society (was Levels of Sexuality)

Natali natali.vilic at zd.t-com.hr
Thu Jan 6 23:26:07 GMT 2011

On Thursday, January 06, 2011 8:17 PM Tracy A wrote:

>> >The sexuality discussion brought to mind a question I've had for a while
>>> does Kareen suffer any societal repercussions when she's on Barrayar for
>>> "Betan" choices? 
>> From: natali.vilic at zd.t-com.hr
>>I think she should not care about people she
>> gets flak from for her choices. That is not
>> something real friends would do.
>That's fine in principle, but I was thinking about how the Vorbrettans were
treated after Rene's ancestry was revealed.  It can be hard to stay serene
if the >negative social consequences are widespread.  My speculation is
about exactly how pervasive any negative Barrayan reactions to her decisions
would be.  Unless >Barrayar has progressed further than I think since
Cordelia first tried to write down the "rules" for sex, I would assume
Kareen's decision to shack up with Mark >would mean she'd be treated
approximately the same way an exotic dancer is in American society today.  A
lot of people wouldn't care, especially those who know her >well, but others
would immediately make certain assumptions and act accordingly.
Particularlly since Mark is not conventially attractive - the default
assumption >could be she's only interested in his name and/or money.

It was different for Tatya. She barely got
accepted in school, then she married Rene,
who was one of the most eligible bachelors
at the time - all the cats were growling when
that happened. Now the cats could laugh 
at her (sincere apologies to the actual feline
family). Now she *again* was "unworthy" of the 
high Vor company, and they undeniably had an
argument for rejecting her.
At least they thought so at the time we meet

Kareen does not need that much social approval.
All that really counts for her is her family's
approval. And they already agreed with the
terms, way back there in the study.
Also, I assume she has now enough financial 
independence to get regard from the petty souls,
enabling her to reject it with grace.
Besides, she is not Vor, and I don't think
that it is all that important for her to be
accepted among them - I don't think she is 
even brought up to count herself as a part of
it in the first place.


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