[LMB] OT: Converting Oil Tanker Into RV-based Cruise Ship

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why an oiltanker ..

we should look for a small used container freighter ..

here are lots of companies who sell 20 and 40 foot containers modified into
living quarters (temporary housing, offices etc.) - those tend to be even
cheaper then RV's since they lack an engine, wheels, transmission ..

take those living containers and lock them into the ships holds ..




NEW from JRJ> That's a good idea, but I was thinking that there might be
bargains in buying the tanker(s) because international law is trying to
retire all the single-hulled ones in favor of double-hulled tankers.  So
fairly new single-hullers in decent shape might be for sale.  Should imagine
cargo container ships would be full competitive price since they're still
useful, or else worn out beyond use, but a tanker in decent shape might only
be considered good for scrap and we could beat that price.

OTOH, maybe the single-hulled tankers could be converted to container ships?
So they wouldn't be a bargain after all?  Shhh... maybe the business
critters haven't thought of that yet.

But using the pre-fab container living-quarters would be a good quick and
economical way to put some non-RV passenger facilities onboard and help pay
for the trip.  Er, NOT the unmodified containers previously used by illegal
immigrants, for choice - no windows and bad vibes because a lot of them die
(we hear about it at the Port of Seattle).  And not the teeny cruise-ship
cabins, either, where you are forced to be a couple or else.  Maybe one or
two containers could be full  of those pre-fab closet-rooms for single
travelers - if I could go cheaply on a freighter that way, I would -
anywhere I and my laptop can fit is fine, and I don't mind if the restroom
is down the hall.

And we should look for economies of scale - as many paying units as possible
to cover the fixed overhead costs.  Somewhere there's a balance between
demand of paying customers (or co-op) and size and costs and fuel, etc.
Heh.  When you happen to find cheap fuel during your travels, you ought to
have some tanker capacity retained to stock up, if any of the tanks are safe
to use.

Entwife Judy
Who doubts if the status quo is ever well enough to be let alone

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