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>> >The sexuality discussion brought to mind a question I've had for a 
>> >while
>>> does Kareen suffer any societal repercussions when she's on Barrayar 
>>> for
>>> "Betan" choices? 

Natali> Kareen does not need that much social approval.
All that really counts for her is her family's approval. And they already
agreed with the terms, way back there in the study.
Also, I assume she has now enough financial independence to get regard from
the petty souls, enabling her to reject it with grace.
Besides, she is not Vor, and I don't think that it is all that important for
her to be accepted among them - I don't think she is even brought up to
count herself as a part of it in the first place.


NEW from JRJ>  Not so sure about that, I am.  The next class down from the
Vor would likely be even more repressive of non-conforming behavior, as they
would in a sense be "seeking admission."  Historically, aristocratic
behavior was often shocking, and they got away with it, having been born as
high as they needed to be.  Think about Heyer's books, frex.  The prudery of
ordinary people is unabated.

And the way Kareen reacted to her parents' disapproval, and the way Tatya
reacted to being snubbed -  - no, my feeling is that it would matter what
peer approval rating she got.  Even if she chose to forge ahead, it would

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