[LMB] Kareen in Barrayaran Society (was Levels of Sexuality)

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>> >The sexuality discussion brought to mind a question I've had for a 
>> >while -
>> does Kareen suffer any societal repercussions when she's on Barrayar for 
>> her
>> "Betan" choices?
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>>I think she should not care about people she
>> gets flak from for her choices. That is not
>> something real friends would do.
> That's fine in principle, but I was thinking about how the Vorbrettans 
> were treated after Rene's ancestry was revealed.  It can be hard to stay 
> serene if the negative social consequences are widespread.  My speculation 
> is about exactly how pervasive any negative Barrayan reactions to her 
> decisions would be.  Unless Barrayar has progressed further than I think 
> since Cordelia first tried to write down the "rules" for sex, I would 
> assume Kareen's decision to shack up with Mark would mean she'd be treated 
> approximately the same way an exotic dancer is in American society today. 
> A lot of people wouldn't care, especially those who know her well, but 
> others would immediately make certain assumptions and act accordingly. 
> Particularlly since Mark is not conventially attractive - the default 
> assumption could be she's only interested in his name and/or money.

She is -not- a silent business partner, though, she's very publically a 
business person with a large piece of business ownership, and not shy about 
exerting her influence.  Her initiative was quite explicit in ACC, where she 
made it very clear that she was an emanicipated adult and anyone who didn't 
like it, she would cut out of her life.   What Vorbores think of her, 
is -their- problem, not hers, she won't put up with crap from anyone.

>> And I don't think she would support the activities
>> of the Another One as a solution to any of her
>> problems.
> Very true, especially since she's more than capable of defending herself 
> physically if needed.  :-) Howeever, depending on how obnoxious the man in 
> question was, Killer/Other would probably be tempted to take things into 
> his own hands anyway.
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