[LMB] OT Pre-adult sexuality - and wardrobe

kerry weisselberg kerilli at gmail.com
Fri Jan 7 09:13:40 GMT 2011

I found more of the Vogue Paris photoshoot with children photos here:


Whit Johnstone wrote:

I have to disagree.  These photos may be creepy, and you have every right to
call for the firing of the people who proposed and published them.
Personally, I see no artistic merit in these photos, but I don't see any
real eroticism either.  What I see is consumerism- a sort of vapid elevation
of expensive clothes over personality, which is exactly what I expect from

But these photos aren't child pornography or even child nudity.  The kids
weren't actually harmed in this photo shoot - the child model likely doesn't
even understand what's going on.  You can say, I think rightly, that this
photo shoot contributes to a culture where consumerism is exalted and
childhood innocence is devalued.  So what.  Lots of things contribute to a
culture of consumerism.  And childhood innocence is the silly invention of
the Victorian middle and upper classes.  This photo shoot is bad, yes, but
it's part and parcel of postmodern western culture.  And I really do think
that "childhood innocence" needs to be attacked- though not in that way.

I'm not sure what he means in his last sentence, and would like further
explanation if possible please, but broadly, I agree. These just look like
over-indulged children playing dress-up in their society belle mothers' best
gear. The only image that I really don't feel comfortable about is the girl
in the gold dress on the bed. The rest of them, to me anyway, are not sexual
in the slightest.
I don't like them, and I think it was a really stupid idea (I wonder if the
parents are fashion industry insiders, or models themselves, or outsiders
flattered, and/or greedy, and/or caught like rabbits in the headlights, to
have agreed to this for their children) but I, like the Listee who mentioned
it a few Digests ago, do not find these as nauseating as the child beauty
pageants, where, quite aside from the
make-up-and-sexy-clothing-and-elaborate-up-dos--on-toddler's-fgs aspect, the
children seem to be very stressed, terrified of getting it wrong and not
living up to mummy's ambitions, etc etc.Ugh. I find those really horrible.



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