[LMB] Pre-adult sexuality - and wardrobe

Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Fri Jan 7 16:23:55 GMT 2011

> On 1/7/2011 3:37 PM, Gwynne Powell wrote:
> >
> > Ok, not saying more, this is one of the things that REALLY gets
> > me going at length. But that photographer, and the magazine
> > editor, should be fired, arrested and charged, and convicted.

BlueRose wrote
> Actually, I am going to disagree.  I think that the sexualisation of
> children is a bad thing, and some of these photos are pushing the
> boundary with a few of the poses.
> But most of them to me look more like girls playing dressup with very
> expensive clothing that happens to be in their sizing.  I can see the
> art in this and I think its far less offensive than some of the clothing
> thats available in shops today for children of the same age to dress up
> in short short skirts and crop tops for any parents to buy.  And the
> parents do.
> Which is worse, some fantastical clothing artistically shot, or seeing a
> 8 year old girl in town wearing clothes that HER PARENTS BOUGHT HER AND
> inappropriate.
I think these photos stop short of being erotic, and I doubt there's
anything you could prosecute anyone for.  Furthermore they're in a magazine
aimed at women, not at male pedophiles.  And there's where my problem comes
in - not that the kids are being 'sexualized' but that, like the sick
culture of toddler beauty pageants, those kids are being taught that the way
they look, their clothes, their makeup etc are overweeningly important. Yes,
I recognize that's part of objectifying women to appeal to men, but women
are culpable here too - you have to buy in to this whole 'Sex and the City'
culture of $500 shoes and designer clothes - it's a values choice.  These
are not things that 7-year-olds should be thinking about at all - they
should be out climbing trees, playing soccer, reading books - whatever - but
not getting make-up lessons.

I'm not saying that they shouldn't like having some pretty clothes.  At that
age my daughter loved frilly, lacy stuff (her taste has thankfully improved
over the years) but she was quite likely to wear those dress-up frocks to
climb trees, collect caterpillars and be Bold Maid Marian defeating the
Sheriff of Nottingham in a quarterstaff fight.  I really can't see the kids
in those photos being allowed to spoil their manicures making mud-pies, can
I think this sort of parenting constitutes child abuse.


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