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Ugh, how stupid.  I actually think that the suburban areas where things are
*less* likely to happen to kids are probably the worst in terms of paranoia
about things happening to kids.  Certainly I can't see such a call being
taken seriously in my part of Columbus, which is sort of a
redneck/African-American lower middle class urban area.  One of my neighbors
lets his kids ride dirtbikes around the local parking lots and alleys

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> I agree.  I walked to *preschool* on my own in the early 70s.
> Nowadays, I send my 8 year old daughter to the neighborhood park a few
> blocks away on her own - and end up with "concerned parents" there
> with their kids calling the cops who call me to come get her.

Whit Johnstone wrote:
> Dear God, how stupid.  Did the cops take these silly "concerned parents"
> seriously? I hope that the police simply laughed, or at least backed off
> when you told them that your daughter was at the park on her own and that
> was fine with you.

No, they did not laugh.  Yes, they took them seriously.  They called
me to come pick her up.  My attempts at telling them that she was on
her own there with my knowledge, she knew where her home was and what
her phone number was and was aware of how to deal with strangers and
such, did no good.  Various hemming and hawing and well, she didn't do
anything wrong, but yes, people get concerned, and you know, there's
dangers out there, etc.

Annoys me VERY much.  We live in a quiet little suburban town, nowhere
near any scary dangerous areas.  I mean, yes, dangers can happen
anywhere.  But it's like the line from Nemo, where Marlin tells Dori
he promised nothing would ever happen to Nemo.  "You can't let nothing
ever happen to him!  Then nothing will ever happen to him."

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