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the worst examples of this can be found displayed for shame on this blog:




Whit Johnstone wrote:
> Ugh, how stupid.  I actually think that the suburban areas where things are
> *less* likely to happen to kids are probably the worst in terms of paranoia
> about things happening to kids.  Certainly I can't see such a call being
> taken seriously in my part of Columbus, which is sort of a
> redneck/African-American lower middle class urban area.  One of my neighbors
> lets his kids ride dirtbikes around the local parking lots and alleys
> unsupervised!
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>> I agree.  I walked to *preschool* on my own in the early 70s.
>> Nowadays, I send my 8 year old daughter to the neighborhood park a few
>> blocks away on her own - and end up with "concerned parents" there
>> with their kids calling the cops who call me to come get her.
> Whit Johnstone wrote:
>> Dear God, how stupid.  Did the cops take these silly "concerned parents"
>> seriously? I hope that the police simply laughed, or at least backed off
>> when you told them that your daughter was at the park on her own and that
>> was fine with you.
> No, they did not laugh.  Yes, they took them seriously.  They called
> me to come pick her up.  My attempts at telling them that she was on
> her own there with my knowledge, she knew where her home was and what
> her phone number was and was aware of how to deal with strangers and
> such, did no good.  Various hemming and hawing and well, she didn't do
> anything wrong, but yes, people get concerned, and you know, there's
> dangers out there, etc.
> Annoys me VERY much.  We live in a quiet little suburban town, nowhere
> near any scary dangerous areas.  I mean, yes, dangers can happen
> anywhere.  But it's like the line from Nemo, where Marlin tells Dori
> he promised nothing would ever happen to Nemo.  "You can't let nothing
> ever happen to him!  Then nothing will ever happen to him."
> Laura
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