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At 06:14 PM 1/6/2011, Howard Brazee wrote:

>On Jan 6, 2011, at 3:02 PM, Carol Cooper wrote:
>> Peter Granzeau wrote
>>>> http://www.godfreydykes.info/ceremonial_funeral_of_lord_louis.htm
>>>> The actual bearers were drawn from the Navy (Mountbatten having had a
>>> naval career himself) but I remember that Princes William and Harry both
>>> took turns among the ceremonial guard during the lying in state.
>>> Note that the coffin was borne feet first.
>> You mean there are places where it isn't?  I thought that was universal.
>> Carol
>I guess with old fashioned coffins, we could see which end was the head.
>Is there some meaning that people ascribe to the direction the coffin is pointing?
>(I will never understand the psychology of how society decides to treat corpses).

It appears that British practice in coffin designing is the shape shown in the video.  American practice is a large, squared off box very expensively made (and sold at a HUGE markup--and inexpensive ones are deliberately made ugly, so people won't be inclined to purchase them),

I commented on the "feet first" orientation because someone a few days back said they were moved head first.

I have not seen a coffin carried except in state funerals.  I just attended a funeral a few weeks ago, and the coffin was wheeled around on a chromium dolly by the undertaker.

As regards Mountbatten's funeral--surely in the late 1970s, the symbolic honor guards would have been Princes Charles and Andrew (both of whom were at one time serving officers of the RN).

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