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Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 8 03:21:10 GMT 2011

> From: "Whit Johnstone" whitinohio at gmail.com

> Kerry, by " I really do think that "childhood innocence" needs to be
> attacked- though not in that way" I meant that children are ready for more
> responsibility earlier than we generally give them in the US and Great
> Britain today. Is there really any reason why children cannot, for instance,
> be taught how to pack their own sack lunches and then expected to do so or
> buy cafeteria food out of their allowance? Or to get themselves to school
> everyday on their own- with Dad checking to see that they got there alright
> via cell phone but no other supervision? Or to make sure that there are
> enough clean dishes for every meal? Children used to do such things
> routinely, now they're almost tantamount to child neglect! And that, in
> turn has created the most neurotic generation of young adults ever. 

I agree that children have gone from productive members of the family
to luxury items. Children who do chores around the house get self-respect
and self-discipline (I've seen way too many kids who have a massive sense
of entitlement but have earned nothing, no respect, no real achievements.
They find reality very challenging, when they finally hit some r/l barrier that
they can't pout and whine out of the way.)
I would have liked you to put general ages with your ideas. I've known 8-year-olds 
who iron their own school uniforms - I'm not sure that I'd trust most kids that age
 to do that. But kids as young as 5, even a bit younger, can do simple tasks - pick 
up their toys, help set the table, etc. I know a 10-year-old who has his own
 business on weekends. He does garden maintenance - he even has is own business 
cards. This isn't some little pretence with the family, he has a full client list and 
makes an amazing amount of money. 
Kids can certainly be expected to do more, and be more responsible. I live in 
a rural area, so I see a lot of kids who work on the farm, care for animals and
are more independent in how they get around. Most of them get the bus to
school, as young as 5 years old they'll catch the bus with no problems. And
there's a big difference between the ones who take responsibility, and the ones
who have parents who do everything for them.

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