[LMB] listening to The Saga

Jane Hotchkiss focsle1928 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 8 04:50:14 GMT 2011

Becca: " finding TWA to be... painful. In fact, so painful that I'm listening to 
it for a little while, then listening to the next book, going back to TWA for a 
bit, and then going on to the next book after that (I'm in the middle of 

Does anyone else have this reaction to TWA? 

JH: Yes. I do. TWA is my least-reread of Lois' work. I keep saying to myself 
Don't! But Miles is in such deep trouble that the only way is onward. It's one 
of the characteristics of her plot generation.

Jane Hotchkiss, now caught up after getting through 61 digests.


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