[LMB] OT Children and overkill -

Laura Gallagher celticdragonfly at gmail.com
Sat Jan 8 05:38:41 GMT 2011

> Annoys me VERY much.  We live in a quiet little suburban town, nowhere
> near any scary dangerous areas.  I mean, yes, dangers can happen
> anywhere.  But it's like the line from Nemo, where Marlin tells Dori
> he promised nothing would ever happen to Nemo.  "You can't let nothing
> ever happen to him!  Then nothing will ever happen to him."

> And if something had happened to them? and those people had just ignored it how would you feel then?
> I am sorry- there is danger out there everywhere. I don't believe we should mollycoddle our children (this is a non mother speaking) but I do think that we have to be aware that things might and do happen in quiet suburban areas as well as in the middle of big cities. One of these days you might be very grateful for an interfering concerned mother.

If they'd called the cops because they saw someone hassling her or
something suspicious, sure, that's great.

But just for being in a park? No.

I've gone over with her how to behave around strangers, and she's a smart kid.

I don't want my kids spending their whole lives within a few feet of a
parent.  I want them to grow up into independent adults.  I fear a lot
of this generation is never going to learn to be independent.


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