[LMB] OT: Pre-adult sexuality - and wardrobe

kerry weisselberg kerilli at gmail.com
Sat Jan 8 08:36:57 GMT 2011

Natali wrote:
> But those photos made me sad and
> sick, so *I* think that those parents are not
> worthy of their title.
> Laura gets in trouble for letting her 8 year old
> _play_ in the park freely, so there should be a
> reason in these photos to get those parents
> in at least some trouble. Or this is really an
> upside world nowadays.
> And I don't know if they would be better in the
> system, because the system is no good as well, but
> honestly, how is this better then those beauty
> pageants? A dress-up game? Do these girls look
> as happy healthy six years olds? I don't see any
> of them even smiling.
> It is not always the best thing to preserve the
> family.


> This is high fashion, not photojournalism! Flip through Vogue and
> check how many of the models are smiling. This is for show! You cannot
> make any assumptions about what those girls' life is like on the basis
of those images.

I'm with Agnes on this. They would have been told to look serious for
the pictures (apart from the toothbrushing one, which i think is the
best of the lot) because it is, after all, a photoshoot to show off
luxe clothing, not a photoshoot to show children having fun - photos
which, incidentally, I have seen in Vogue in the past.

Those girls will, I'd bet, have had a WHALE of a time, preened and
petted. Okay, it might have been a bit boring at times (lots of
waiting around, hours in make-up) and perhaps they got told off for
fidgeting if they weren't 'professional' enough, but to be properly
made up, get to wear those clothes, have images like that to keep
forever, fame and fuss from their friends and acquaintances (a fair
bit of envy too, I guess), I don't feel sorry for them in the
slightest. Some of them might become models, or get jobs in the
industry, inspired by that shoot. I doubt you'd find a lot of little
girls in the world who wouldn't being queuing up to do that, begging
for the opportunity, even if they were assured that it was definitely
a one-off only.

The poor little toddlers we see on TV programmes about the U.S. beauty
pageants, who have to go through dance routines (in heels fgs!) to a
big audience, with a fixed rictus smile through caked make-up and
elaborately styled hair that doesn't move an inch, and are obviously
obsessively coached by pushy frustrated wish-i'd-had-this-opportunity
mothers, toddlers who look terrified and sob when they get it wrong
and don't win, toddlers trying to deal with huge pressure and 'mummy
won't love me if i don't get this right', taught that all that matters
is looking like that, the fancyness of the costume, and getting it
right... jeeez, THOSE mothers should be publicly vilified. Those make
me MAD.

The Vogue thing - a little too sexy in places, and ill-advised imho,
but as publicity stunt swansongs go, impressive.


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