[LMB] listening to The Saga: TWA

Meg Justus mmegaera at nwlink.com
Sat Jan 8 19:47:58 GMT 2011

> **** Yes, a little bit. For me it's mostly the beginning that throws me 
> off
> -- I keep thinking "no, go AROUND the wall! Don't jump off it you idiot!'"
> and he never listens.

Oh, yes.  Just like the end of Romeo and Juliet where I keep wanting to tell 
Romeo not to drink the stupid poison.

> (That having been said, some of my favourite bits are in TWA.

"You mean he's like that All The Time?!"

Thump, spin, turn, straighten, thump.

Oh, and the part where Miles is so wired Bothari has to get him drunk on 
Scotch to get him to go to sleep?

"Lead on my lord, I'm flapping as hard as I can."

who thinks Arde gets some of the best lines in the whole book 

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