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> Somebody, I forget where, was asking about Aral's general appearance...
> 5'9" and stocky, in his 40s at a fit weight around 180 pounds; higher 
> later as the Regency and middle age gained on him. Canonical actor 
> closest in appearance and ability to project testosterone by sheer 
> visual presence would be the late Oliver Reed, minus the actor's actual 
> personality.
> From Schrodinger's Cat Carrier: in canon, there are I believe two 
> references to the facial scar, one during Ges Vorrutyer's brief 
> conversation with Cordelia in _Shards of Honor_, and another than I 
> can't locate where some young officer asks if it was a dueling scar, and 
> Aral replies dryly "not unless a broken wine bottle is to be 
> reclassified as an honor of the Vor."
> What I know about the scar that isn't in the text (so the reader is 
> actually free to imagine something else, if they wish) is that it was 
> the gift of Ges Vorrutyer, during their final and lurid break-up fight, 
> and that the emotion driving Ges's hand wasn't sadism, but mortal 
> terror. Ges's incipient sadism was on the table as a major issue by 
> then, but in this case Aral wasn't the victim, but rather, pretty 
> violently rejecting being drawn in as a co-player. If Aral had pulled 
> out of his dive and made captain by 28, he likely wasn't any older than 
> 26 at this point.
> Doubt Serg would have been involved with Ges yet, as the prince only 
> would have been in his mid-teens at this point
> Any more detail would be deduction and speculation, even from me, but 
> that's the shape of the box it goes in. Or comes from, perhaps.
> Meow, L.

Thank you! Ohh yes it's good to know those details. And I KNEW Olly was
just right for it, physically. Careless of him to die before he got to play the

I'm glad to know about the scar, I kept thinking it might be from killing his
wife's lovers, but if he'd had an injury at that time it would have looked too 
suspicious and given the game away.
I LOVE this site.

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