[LMB] NTITN: These are what was being driven around the

Anne Guglik catseyes818 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 10 01:23:04 GMT 2011

Katrina said:
> They look pretty cool, but I'm not sure how that leaning forward/back
> sideways thing would work in the hills around Wellington... Flat land and
> gentle rises, maybe, but if you're wanting to go forward up a steep hill -
> well, that's a fair amount of leaning forward to do then. Yes, my urban
> environment has a lot of hills. Mind, I wouldn't want to ride a sedgeway
> around Wellington, either.

I say:
Actually, at least one police department that I know of (in the US) that is very hilly uses Segways instead of bicycles for their police. Evidently they are MUCH easier than a mountain bike on severe grades, and can get into most of the same places when you need more than a foot chase. My problem with these "cars" is the lack of storage space. I have to carry a good bit of gear on my daily commute, and I don't think it would fit in these vehicles very well.
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