[LMB] Vorkosiverse language

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Mon Jan 10 13:27:28 GMT 2011

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> To: "Discussion of the works of Lois McMaster Bujold."

> Our version growing up in Lancashire was "Put wood in t'hole"
> The other two I remember being said all the time when I was little were
> "Thays a better door than a winda" if you were stood in the way of something
> and "Well... I'll go to foot of our stairs" I have no idea why people said
> this.
> Sue

A popular one in my family was, "You're a pane, but you're not glass." for 
anyone who was blocking the view.
For hunger: "I could eat a horse and chase the jockey."
My grandmother would "put the 'fluence" on people to influence them to 
do something.
"What's yours is mine and what's mine's my own."
"He couldn't run a chook raffle if you gave him the chooks."

"He couldn't lie straight in bed."
"I'm busy as a dog in a paddock of rabbits."
"He'd lie like a pig in mud."
Ahhh the memories.

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