[LMB] OT: Children and overkill

Dusty Jackson dustyjackson at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 16:37:08 GMT 2011

Dusty Jackson wrote:
> 5-year-olds travelling on the bus - alone?
> All those depressing posters of lost children that we get asked to pin up
> my workplace would argue that 5-year-olds are *not* old enough to travel
> alone!
Agnes Charrel-Berthillier said
How many of them got lost on the way to/from school and how many of them
were abducted by family members in ways completely unrelated to

Transportation-related or not, letting a child that small wander the streets
alone is asking for trouble.  Hell, for me as a *grown woman* to walk around
alone is still considered asking for trouble!

"Free-Range kids" are a nice idea, but we are not still living in the

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