[LMB] A Klingon Christmas Carol

Stephen T. Wright NCC1701 at uwyo.edu
Mon Jan 10 18:11:57 GMT 2011

Well, sorta.

There's the culture and language (Klingonaase) John M. Ford created for his book _The_Final_Reflection_, which was written prior to what evolved to become the canon version of the Klingons in the Star Trek movies (from III onwards) and The Next Generation/Deep Space 9 series.  Frankly, I preferred Ford's version.

I imagine David was referring more to a line from the movie _Star_Trek_VI_, where Chancellor Gowron was talking about Shakespeare plays (particularly _Hamlet_) and the reference was that they originally were written in Klingon.  (Meant as a token of respect for the nature of source material, rather than as a serious claim for original authorship...although the Klingon Language Institute went so far as to publish _Hamlet_ in the original Klingon).


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>"Original"? You mean there are *dialects* of Klingon now?

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>> I have seen a part of the performance on video(They are not allowed to 
>> distribute due to copyright concerns) :( It looked great even if you 
>> don't understand Klingon (yes it is done entirely in the "Original" Klingon).

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