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>Dusty Jackson <dustyjackson at gmail.com> wrote:

> "Free-Range kids" are a nice idea, but we are not still
> living in the 1960's.

Anke makes a very good point:

>Anybody know about a source that really tried to find out if the "good
>old times" actually had less bad things happening than now, or if now
>just seems worse because of more media attention (up to fear-mongering)
>or changed attitudes?

It's mainly fear mongering.  In the U.S. Australia & NZ, and Europe, unless you live in a neighborhood with active gang violence, you are probably now safer from other humans than any time in history.  Try reading about life in a 19th Century London or New York slum, and you'd have a much more realistic appreciation of what a dangerous society would be like.

If I had any children, I'd be far more worried about the risks from traffic than anything else, and the risks there are much lower than in the 1960s. 

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