[LMB] Miles speculation

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Tue Jan 11 16:08:43 GMT 2011

--- On Mon, 1/10/11, Judy R. Johnson <jrj at fidalgo.net> wrote:

> I'm wondering - if the Soltoxin hadn't happened, how much
> of the Miles we know would be different?

Physically, he'd have had much less suffering.

> I know the obvious - height like Ivan. 

Maybe. Aral was shorter than Padma.  Bu then, Cordelia is tall.  Height is a crap shoot.
> But what of 'our' Miles would we have?

Pretty much all the rest of it, I think. As is constantly pointed out, his physical oddities were not a mutation.  He was already an embryo when it hit.  His genetics were unchanged.
> He'd still be smart. And probably still very competitive
> with Ivan.

Only with Ivan?

> Still fanatically loyal to Gregor. And proud of his
> Vorkosigan background.
> But what else?

I've always assumed that some of his attitude, the 'forward momentum' and trampling over others to get to his goals, was at least partly overcompensation for his diminished physical abilities when very young. But maybe not.

> Would he be hyper, is that just him, or a result of the
> Soltoxin?

I'm sure he'd be hyper. Maybe not quite *as* hyper, but more than most people.

> He'd have charm, just like his father - Aral is almost
> hypnotic at times, he can bewitch just about anyone.

You think?  Well, he certainly bewitched me - so much so that I'm not unbiased on the subject.  There seem to be a lot of people he couldn't bewitch - the Vordarian crowd and other political enemies. But. Yes. I think there is plenty of evidence that he is charismatic.  He is certainly articulate.
> Ambition, for sure. Or.... would he be another Ivan? After
> all, the son of the Regent would be in a very dangerous position, 
> if he was too much of a viable alternative.

What, an alternative to the Regent?  It's more of a problem that he would be an alternative to Gregor. But I can't imagine Miles taking advantage of his position (or wanting to) and I don't think he could act like Ivan under any circumstances.

> What do you think an undamaged Miles would be like?

Taller but much the same.

Less frustrated. Not necessarily happier.


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