[LMB] Miles speculation

Tom Vinson t.vinson at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jan 11 16:24:58 GMT 2011

Meg Justus:

> I think [Miles's] hyperactivity is inherited.  Look at
> what both his parents have accomplished.

I'll go along with that, assuming that "hyperactivity"
is used in a loose colloquial sense.  It seems that his
idiosyncratic reaction to fast-penta my be akin to 
Cordelia's drug reactions.

I'm pretty sure Miles would have wound up on Kyril Island
at some point, given his father's example.  It might have
taken longer, but Metzov could have still been the CO
(he wasn't likely to be promoted out of there at least).
I can see the incident with the Greek soldiers happening
in much the same way as in canon*, and Miles might have
wound up working directly for Illyin after all.  Then 
brother Mark shows up...

Even an able-bodied Miles would struggle to live up to
his father's and grandfather's examples.


[*] Cordelia's influence coupled with Aral's lectures
about illegal commands

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