[LMB] A Klingon Christmas Carol

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Tue Jan 11 16:27:51 GMT 2011

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> I was just wondering - why Klingon? 

I think the easy answer is: why not?

snipped a bit

> So, what was it about Klingons that captured that
> interest?

That's it, in my opinion.  Passions. Open expressions of feelings, especially 
aggression and anger.


> we all want to *be* Klingon? 

Absolutely not! 

> rough, tough, hold our liquor extremely well, and 
> we don't have to be girly pretty to be sexy.

Well, I'm not girly pretty, but I could never handle a rough, tough, 
liquor-swigging world. I'd die first, if it didn't kill me. (What?)

Now I'm wondering what race I'd be, if I had to live in the Star Trek world.  
Romulan, maybe?  Naw, probably some sort of renegade human. Or maybe Orion.  
Orions get to dance and have sex.

> what's not to like?

Hey, it takes all types to make a world. I like Klingons, I really do, but I 
can't identify.  It just isn't my fantasy by any stretch of the imagination.



I'm not deeply in love with Klingon dentistry. or blood wine (ew!) 
but kicking ass I like.

who was dangerous in karate class (full contact). then my knee went south...


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