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> Given that one of his major concerns was that Miles' wife
> would one day become Lady Vorkosigan... with Barrayaran
> prejudices, I imagine that he was faintly appalled by Taura.  

Maybe. I'm not sure how much Aral conforms to Barrayaran prejudices, though, and how much he likes to challenge them.  His experience with personal conformity (i.e., his first marriage) was a disaster. He chose one of the Enemy in war for his second marriage.  He accepted a genetically constructed clone with a criminal past as his son.  Might he go further?

I suspect he was relieved he didn't have to, but... maybe not. Maybe it would have struck him as funny.

> She was an amazing warrior, but given her appearance and heritage, 
> that would be a *big* "but". 

I'm sure Alys wouldn't like it.

> I'm sure that if Miles had brought her home, Aral
> would have tried to accept her for Miles' sake

Or Cordelia would never let him live it down.

> but there would
> have been some long serious parental discussions.

Maybe. But I have a secret suspicion that Aral would have adored Taura. Pity we don't find out.

> Elli, on the other hand... "Ah, I'm glad to see that
> you've found a galactic warrior woman of your very own."

[g]  Yeah.  "Too bad she hates us and all we stand for."


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