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Tue Jan 11 18:05:59 GMT 2011

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Tue Jan 11 15:22:59 GMT 2011

While exercising this morning, I got to Miles' conversation with Aral 
about Mile's "parade" of women, Aral's first marriage (how I wish he 
would say that woman's name!) and honour.

As usual - I love the Aral scenes.  Can't get enough of them.

Seems to me it implies (by generalizing) that Aral believes that Miles 
wasn't entirely serious in his love for Elena.  Which I think he was, 
and took a long time to get over it. On the other hand, it was a first 
love, and from Aral's mature perspective, maybe a necessary step in 
growing up, and not a mature love.  As if 'mature' loves were somehow 
better than young ones.

Anyway: the real point was that Miles' love of Elena was unrequited, 
which is a different thing.

I wonder what he *really* made of Taura.  Or Elli. Sometimes I wish we 
could see these scenes from his point of view, rather than Miles'.


***  Oh, my -- there's a box lid I'd not lifted before -- Aral's first 
face-to-face, or at least face-to-cleavage, meeting with Taura, which 
would have been in the lead-up to the wedding in "Winterfair Gifts".  
Knowing whatever Aral knew or imagined about her, from whatever Miles 
had let slip, which, being Miles, was probably rather a lot -- he's very 
proud of her, in various ways both justified and dodgy -- and possibly 
just a _titch_ misleading...

Ta, L.

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