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Tue Jan 11 18:44:39 GMT 2011

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> So ... thoughts about the Koudelkas at large and here in
> particular?

I talked a while ago about my appreciation for Kou and his reaction to Kareen's relationship with Mark.

First reading, I pretty much dismissed the Koudelka girls as interchangeable and uninteresting.  Maybe I was just too much into the Miles/Ekaterin theme, and impatient for one of them to be on screen all the time.  Maybe I was biased because of Kareen's relationship with Mark, and her eager commercialism.  Whatever.

This time through, I find them funny, and charming, too.  They are reminiscent of any number of families of girls in 19th century fiction, especially "Pride and Prejudice", but I see traces of "Little Women", too. I'm not sure why, but I think Martya is my favourite, maybe because it's traditional for the youngest one to be smart and a little wild.

> Sympathies for Kareen's discombobulation? or judders at the
> thought of a daughter back from Beta Colony with a 'fat weird little
> clone' as her secret lover? 

I'm sympathetic with all of the, I think.  I understand the parental horror. I understand Mark's neediness. I understand her love and her dilemma.  All nicely depicted. With - especially - the touch that Mark both values family so much, and doesn't understand its dynamics, because he never had one.

On reflection, I'm not sure if Kou's horror is all because Mark is a penniless mentally/emotionally damaged ex-assassin clone with an eating disorder, and how much it is because Mark is a Vorkosigan.  Kou knows those Vorkosigans too well!


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