[LMB] OT: Ian McKellen Has Signed On To The Hobbit!

John Lennard john.c.lennard at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 18:56:53 GMT 2011

PJ fan Royce: ... so just about everyone's back, and of course we knew they
would be! PJ won't
fool around with his people...

I hate to disillusion Royce, and all praise to PJ for his powers of
logistics and -getting it done- but apparently he drove quite a lot of his
LOTR actors middlin' nuts - specifically those who had to speak lines in
Elvish. Who learned them in a particular accent PJ had decided on. Who then
had to relearn them -all- when he changed his mind about the accent. And who
are all very professional people, well understanding that there may be
last-minute rewrites and additions and are perfectly willing and able to
learn stuff at zero notice, on set, but became agitated when required to do
that for new lines in Elvish while having their accents adjusted on the fly

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