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um, gregor told nikki "part" of the truth. I suspect a further, final wrench
is still down the road on this score...

innocent royce (who would NEVER include that in a fanfice, never never

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> --- On Sun, 9/19/10, Meg Justus <mmegaera at nwlink.com> wrote:
> > The only thing that bothers me
> > about Nikki is that we never really see him grieving his
> > father (I don't think the way Miles describes him at Tien's
> > funeral counts).  I guess -- and hope -- it happened
> > offstage.
> Did Nikki love his father?  Everyone assumes he did.  But I was thinking
> that through the scene in which Ekaterin takes Nikki to talk to Gregor, and
> we get mostly her point of view.  She believes Nikki loved and admired Tien
> and is still grieving for him.  She doesn't want him to hear anything bad
> about his father.
> But Nikki lived with Tien for nine years.  He must have picked up,
> emotionally, on the way Tien treated Ekaterin. I would be surprised if Tien
> treated Nikki much better - we know he denied him medical treatment that
> Nikki needed.
> Nikki is not a stupid child. I'd be surprised if he thought Tien was a
> wonderful father.  But he's caught in a trap - everyone, especially
> Ekaterin, needs to think he loved and admired his father, so he can't
> express any of his doubts and negative feelings.  He has to act as if he
> loved him and believed him to be better than he was.
> Hence Nikki's relief that Gregor told him 'the truth'.
> namaste,
> elizabeth
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