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>  Aral's attracted to different 
> things in people sexually than Miles is.  Aral's
> attracted to the masculine, what's in Cordelia that attracts
> him are male Barrayaran honor value in a -woman-, he's
> attracted to the "secret male" in Cordelia.  Miles
> likes -women- as -people-, it's not clear that -Aral- does,

I can only say that we interpret Aral quite differently.  I would say that it's clear to me that Aral likes women as people (especially Cordelia) and that he sees honour as a trait that covers both men and women.  I'd say we've got about equal ground to stand on as regards textev.

> The concept
> was not allowed in his worldview--and the culture that
> inculcated him with that, was much like the Barryaran
> culture which produced Aral.

Yes. No doubt. But Aral is a progressive and he learns fast, and I don't see him as being old world Vor in that way. I don't think he wants to propagate old ways of thinking, and I don't think he shares those attitudes.

>  Cordelia was a massive
> exception, because he and she bonded as -equals- 

Yes, exactly.

> that
> meant that Cordelia was -unique- to Aral--she has the
> position and status and role and authority that on
> -Barrayar- only a man could have....

In other words, he wanted a woman who would be his equal in the ways that mattered to him. 
> Aral was Lord Vorkosigan expected to remarry and produce
> sons to continue the line of Counts Vorkosigan.  Aral
> had failed to do that. 

Because of his previous bad experience, I think.  And because he didn't trust himself to try marriage again.

> From Aral's descriiption to
> Cordelia of Vorlord Paterfamilias forgiving all sins to the
> woman who produced legitimate male heirs for him, it's hard
> to believe that Piotr had NOT been pressuring Aral, for
> -decades- to marry =someone- and maky babies....  

I'm sure Piotr wanted Aral to marry, but I think Piotr was dealing with his own bucket of guilt over the first disastrous marriage, because he arranged it - and quite possibly terminated it. 

> But Aral had NOT done so.  Piotr probably would even have
> welcomed Taura were she fertile and able to bear a son who
> didn't look like a "mutie.' 

LOL - I'd like to see that!

> Piotr wanted legitimate
> grandsons and didn't much care who the woman was produced
> them. 

He was willing to accept Cordelia, which says a lot.


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