[LMB] A Civil Campaign (Byerly)

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Tue Jan 11 21:59:05 GMT 2011

On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 9:51 AM, Elizabeth Holden <azurite at rogers.com> wrote:
> I have been thinking about the scene where Byerly comes to Ivan's place and Ivan didn't want to let him in.  It's a nicely entertaining scene, light and funny (even though we know what's going on, and Ivan doesn't).  But it's an interesting study in the two characters.
> For one thing, I found myself wondering why Ivan is so determined not to let Byerly come in. It's not that he'll let him in, then quickly make him leave - he's working hard at shutting the door in his face.  Byerly is stubborn because this is his best bet at getting information to Miles.  So why was Ivan so determined to keep By out?  It sounded like protesting too much - he isn't indifferent, he's determined.  He may simply not want to be bored by Byerly, but it comes across (at least in audiobook) as overreaction.

Byerly is a leech - once you let him in, you can't get rid of him -
worse yet, he may ask to crash and you'll get back from work with your
bathroom flooded, the refrigerator standing open and your entire
liquor collection gone.

Jeff Shultz
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