[LMB] OT: PJ is innocent! (was Ian McKellen Has Signed On To The Hobbit!)

John Lennard john.c.lennard at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 00:03:12 GMT 2011

The delay in being allowed to enter Lothlorien is *textual*, folks. Gimli is
only allowed to pass into Lorien after some questioning, and only into the
Naith of Lorien if blindfolded; in the end all go blindfold to share the
stigma, until word comes from Celeborn and Galadriel to let them walk

And even then, when he learns of Gandalf's fall and the presence of a
wakeful balrog, Celeborn says "had I known that the Dwarves had stirred up
this evil in Moria again, I would have forbidden you to pass the northern
borders, you and all that went with you".

Remember also that both C and G do know what Frodo bears ; as they know that
their own safety depends on the ring Galadriel bears ; and that while -very-
few things indeed could overcome the power of the Ring of Adamant, one of
them is ...

So don't blame poor old Haldir, hey? Or PJ. Celeborn if you must, but he's
not being severe for no reason.

[And what steps do you think Simon Illyan would be recommending to Celeborn?
Or Captain Negri, Lord save us from such a crossover ...]

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