[LMB] OT: PJ is innocent! (was Ian McKellen Has Signed On To The Hobbit!)

Stephen T. Wright NCC1701 at uwyo.edu
Wed Jan 12 00:26:44 GMT 2011

John Lennard wrote:

>[And what steps do you think Simon Illyan would be recommending to Celeborn?
>Or Captain Negri, Lord save us from such a crossover ...]

After things were fully explained, I think both of them would give the same advice, and it would be dialog mostly out of the movie _Aliens_, and would involve the same approach the Cetagandans took to certain Vorkosigan lands on Barrayar.

If Miles was around, I could see him talking all of those folks out of that approach, and going for a fast insertion of armored troops to secure the mines for Gregor.  Barrayar could use the mithril, you know...and it would just look absolutely wonderful with Vorkosigan brown.

Not sure what Miles would do with Isengard or Mordor if asked, after that...just give him the Ring and let him talk Sauron out of his misguided ways?

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