[LMB] Richars and Byerly

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Wed Jan 12 03:10:52 GMT 2011

--- On Tue, 1/11/11, Judy R. Johnson <jrj at fidalgo.net> wrote:

> NEW from JRJ> Also, I wonder if Richars didn't have a
> competent Armsman who did the deed.  "Will no one rid me of this
> ...?"  

Yeah! I like that.

> Dono's armsman and masculinity coach,

Good phrase.

> It does seem Her Ladyship was consciously "bringing out"
> armsmen in ACC.

I love that. I liked the concept from the beginning. It'd great to actually see some of hem.

> Recurrent minor theme - is that the correct litcrit
> terminology?

I don't know, but it fits the bill.


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