[LMB] BD - A Civil Campaign V (Ivan)

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> --- On Fri, 9/17/10, John Lennard <john.c.lennard at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I confess that Ivan annoys me more in the first half of ACC
> > than anywhere else in the canon. Does he you?
> Yes.
> namaste,
> elizabeth

No. I feel so sorry for him, when he realises that Miles is moving away 
from him. They've been so close for so long, and Ivan looked after Miles
 - a lot. The donkey to carry all the dangerous loads, and often a physical 
caretaker as well (look at how easily he looks after Miles in Cetaganda, and 
how Miles accepts it unquestioningly. Look at how Ivan saved Miles in 
Memory, and brought him out of his depression.)

Ivan was always necessary to Miles, since they were babies. And suddenly 
Miles is almost a stranger for a moment. And Miles is turning Ivan away. 
That's a huge blank in Ivan's life. He responds in the only way he knows, by
pulling the kind of stunt they used to do. But this time it ends up by backfiring

I feel so sorry for Ivan in this book, since everyone else is hooking up, but
he's left so alone, and the man who wanted his freedom finds that it's not
what he wants now, but it's too late. He's the contrast to all of the others.

Yes, I can barely hold on while I wait for the Ivan book. How can you tell?


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