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> Counterpoint: Drou and the little scene around her participation in the 
> armsmen training/tournament in Barrayar. Not only does he not protest 
> against her presence, he gets her in, encourages her, and provides the 
> final pep talk that gets her to fully express her potential.
> I don't think we would see this in a man who cannot imagine women as 
> being competent in traditionally male fields except for his own 
> exceptional and how so masculine (?) wife. Aral certainly rose above his 
> upbringing and his culture, in this and many other things.

> As for Aral... he seemed happy enough with his first wife. Infatuated, 
> he says. He drew her, naked and smiling. What he couldn't take, and what 
> probably motivated his later decision not to remarry I would guess to 
> have more to do with moderate fear of being betrayed again, larger fear 
> of what his temper would drive him to do in that situation, niggling 
> worry about what his father might have done, and the bitter taste left 
> by guilt what he had felt to be his loss of honor when his involvement 
> in the duels was ignored. Rather than a yearning for any man.
> Agnes
That last paragraph explains a lot for me. I've been wondering about those
decades between Ges and Cordelia. This explains it so well - Aral was 
afraid of himself. (Do I hear an echo of Vimes, with the watchman keeping
 the dark IN?) He let his guard down with Cordelia, she ticked so many
boxes for him. But even so he'd rather sit and die on Barrayar than go after
her.  Then she came for him, and like an invading army she destroyed his
protective walls.

Gwynne (Happy now.) 		 	   		  

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