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> At 10:48 AM 1/11/2011, Paula Lieberman wrote:
> > >Aral .... he was mainly interested in Barrayaran men....

> I think Aral was bisexual - certainly Ges Vorrutyer thought so, and he was in a position to know; and Cordelia thought so, too, knowing Aral by that time very well indeed. But homosexual? I see no evidence of that, except in the scandalmongering of his enemies. 
> Or Miles, lying his head off to Cavilo.
> I certainly see no evidence of his being "mainly interested in Barrayaran men". I might forget some textev, but not that.
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> elizabeth

Cordelia thought he was bisexual, and she'd be in the best position to know.
More than that, according to her he was interested in soldiers, not in men in
general. And there's that whole homoerotic soldier vibe in any military outfit.
Besides, men in uniform ARE sexy. Well, depending on the uniform. 

Aral and Cordelia seem to enjoy a very happy physical relationship - she comments
on the way he gets her back during the Pretendership, has the doc check that she's
ok, and then... to bed. Carefully, but very happily. That wasn't something done out 
of any sense of duty. 

After Cordelia arrives on Barryar, Aral doesn't show an interest in anyone else.
She's his safe harbour. With her, all his urges are satisfied, one way or another.
That's not to say he doesn't notice good-looking young men in uniform, but then a bit of
eye candy doesn't hurt anyone. 

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