Pat Mathews mathews55 at msn.com
Wed Jan 12 14:00:52 GMT 2011

Re the arranged marriage with the mentally disabled man - didn't that come up in a novel once? I can't remember whether it was Heyer - no, Dolphington found his own wife - or a family saga set in India - or a friend's unpublished work. But n a culture where marriage is the major career for a woman and she has a talent and taste for that sort of help and service, it could work out very well. Supposing the parents arranged the marriage with the character of the bride in mind. 

I can see where it would be a disaster if they just threw the woman into it and said "do your duty and never mind what you want."

ObBujold - I can see that happening in TOI Barrayar - if the groom were allowed to live past infancy int he first place. Or past the accident or illness that caused the problem in the first place (a la the 'brain fever' of the Victorian Era that apparently had that effect - encephalitis?). 

At any rate, more honor to her, yes.



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