[LMB] Audio or visual?

Jane Starr jane at starchak.ca
Wed Jan 12 16:45:37 GMT 2011

Quoting Marian Lesslie <marianlesslie at gmail.com>:
> I've actually just finished listening to Stephen Fry
> reading _Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban_ and it is brilliant! He
> does all the voices and does a remarkably good Hermione. And I love Bernard
> Cribbins reading _Swallows and Amazons_.

Great Ghu! I MUST find that! I adore both _Swallows and Amazons_ and  
Bernard Cribbins.

And Stephen Fry's Harry Potter is fantastic - saved my kids' lives on  
our 2000 road trip from Alberta to Ontario and back (kept hubby and me  
from killing them). I've got all the Potter books on CD now, because  
we wore out the cassette tapes, they were listened to so often.

I borrowed Curse of Chalion on CD from the library and liked it well  
enough, with one problem - the next time I read the actual book I  
heard in my head the narrator's voice doing his version of Iselle  
instead of a proper woman's voice. Took me a while to get that out of  
my mind. And I don't know why because I haven't had that problem with  
any other audio book I've listened to and read.


Jane Starr

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