[LMB] OT: Ian McKellen Has Signed On To The Hobbit!

Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 12 19:13:07 GMT 2011

Marian Lesslie wrote:
> 2011/1/12 Jane Starr 
> > [Martin Freeman] was the only bright spot in the dreadful HitchHiker's
> > Guide movie (perfectly cast as Arthur Dent) and a BRILLIANT John Watson in
> > the recent Sherlock series, which I highly recommend.
> **** I'll always think of him as the p*rn movie stand-in in _Love,
> Actually_.
> (Also, _Sherlock_ was a really good adaptation.)

I tend to think of him in the work where I first saw him: Tim Canterbury
in the original (British) version of _The Office_.  He does "normal
person trying to cope with overwhelming insane situations" very well,
so he should do Bilbo nicely.  I can't quite see him as Miles.


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