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Wed Jan 12 19:59:54 GMT 2011

On 1/11/2011 11:03 AM, Joel Polowin wrote:
> Elizabeth Holden wrote:
>> I wonder what [Aral] *really* made of Taura. Or Elli.
> Given that one of his major concerns was that Miles' wife would
> one day become Lady Vorkosigan... with Barrayaran prejudices, I
> imagine that he was faintly appalled by Taura.  She was an amazing

	I disagree.  Aral would have been *concerned,* yes, particularly about 
what Miles' deep subconscious motivations might be.
	But given what we've seen of Aral's own deep motivations, I feel safe 
in saying that his two primary criteria would have been:
	1:  Will she make my son happy the way I've been happy with Cordelia?
	2:  Will she make him a good Lady Vorkosigan? (this is hardly entirely 
separate from #1, note)

	If Aral could assure himself that the answers to those questions was 
"yes" to within a degree of reasonable doubt, I'm certain Aral would 
have told his deep Barrayaran prejudices to take a hike.  It's possibel 
Cordelia might have had to nudge him a bit (remembering the library 
scene in MD), but he would have gotten there ("which one?" from ACC).

> warrior, but given her appearance and heritage, that would be a
> *big* "but".  I'm sure that if Miles had brought her home, Aral
> would have tried to accept her for Miles' sake, but there would
> have been some long serious parental discussions.
> Elli, on the other hand... "Ah, I'm glad to see that you've
> found a galactic warrior woman of your very own."

	Elli would have doubtless been a lower hurdle to get over.

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