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Wed Jan 12 21:43:10 GMT 2011

On 1/12/2011 1:31 PM, Natali Vilic wrote:
> Yup. Pat mentioned hantavirus, I read
> that too, and I suppose that mice and rats
> grew quite happily and abundantly in those
> conditions, in towns as in the country.
> Certain forms or the similar disease still
> exist, but nowadays we can fight it more
> efficiently...
> Natali
The problem with hantavirus is the disease would have appeared long 
before the tudor era, and been happening since the tudor era. Hanta is 
sort of the rodent gift that keeps on giving. You can test darn near any 
random mouse and find hanta. If you test a london mouse today, if it had 
been hanta, it would test positive for hanta. Besides, sweating is not a 
hanta symptom [Rob knows, he had it. He also had valley fever. The 
wonders of living in the Central Valley and vacationing in Ajo Az ... ]

Hyperhidrosis is something else entirely. Hanta and Valley fever are 
pneumonics, Ebola, Marburg are hemorragics. Yes, sweating can be 
expressed - it is the body trying to fight it off. Hyperhidrosis is more 
metabolic or parasitic, or liver function. Possibly tuburculosis, which 
has been endemic in many eras/locations in history?

Odd thought, metabolic function issues thanks to heavy metal poisoning. 
Prevalence of lead and other heavy metals in jewelry, plateware, makeup.

With medical historians, it is also a case of when you have a hammer 
every problems is a nail. Most medical historians are not actually 
practicing epidemologists. Many of them are only armchair historians 
with pet projects.

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