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Which reminded me: The Tudors just started on our TV, and we were last
night watching the episode with the outburst of the sweating sickness.
I could not find any good explanation of what that actually was,
while briefly googling - is it determined yet, what caused it?

This article -- which is a bit long, but fascinating, was linked to from the 
wikipedia article:


Executive summary: Hantavirus almost fits. In particular the signs point to 
a rodent vector, because the weather patterns in the specific years when the 
'sweate' occurred would have favored a population surge of rodents. But, the 
epidemiological pattern of the 'sweate' also suggests human-to-human 
transmission (groups of people were all infected at the same time, and young 
adult males were most heavily hit suggesting that they passed it around in 
taverns). And human-to-human transmission has never been documented for 
hantavirus in modern times.

Thanks for bringing up the topic -- I love stuff like this!


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