[LMB] A Civil Campaign (Nikki)

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 13 01:39:16 GMT 2011

> From: "Natali Vilic" natali.vilic at gmail.com

> Or he was afraid it would be the honourable thing to
> do, thus his unwished duty. He was quite worried about
> the possibility, if I remember correctly.
> Ekaterin was very much respectful of duty and honour,
> Nikki obviously took after her, and not after his
> father, luckily. 
> Natali
I agree, I think Nikki was trying to do the Vor thing, based on what
he'd seen in the vids. He doesn't ever seem very grief-stricken, 
although kids grieve differently to adults. But he adjusts very 
quickly to the idea of his mother finding a new partner, and there's
a lot of emphasis on wanting her to be happy.

Gregor does a really good job of explaining things to him. I wonder
how often Gregor had tried to think how that kind of talk would have 
gone between him, Cordelia and Aral, if they'd tried to tell him about 
Nikki is often in Ekaterin's thoughts, she plans her life based partly on
his needs. She notes that when Tien came home he didn't even ask 
where Nikki was. He's her first thought, Tien's last. 


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