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> I said:
> > I wonder what [Aral] *really* made of Taura. Or Elli.

> I don't think anyone would think marriage was in the picture, because it wasn't. If Miles wanted her to marry him, Taura might have loved the idea, because I think she loved him. But Miles didn't love her enough to even think of it; he was so aware of her status as a sort of - hybrid - I was going to say 'half-human', but that's not it - her status of hybrid, he didn't quite see her as an equal. Besides, there was the issue of Elli.
> So I don't think she would have been presented to Aral as a potential wife. As a girlfriend, maybe.

At the time Miles met Taura her life was being measured in 
months at most. All her creche-mates were gone. Deep down,
I think Miles's subconscious put her in a box marked 'temporary'.
Miles really cared for and about her, but he's in some ways more
conservative than Aral, and I don't think he could ever see her
as a prospective Lady Vorkosigan.
>From a few wistful comments by Taura in WG, I think she had a
fantasy about marrying Miles, but knew it could never happen. He
really was the Love Of Her Life, but she found every scrap of happiness
she could in her limited time, and didn't waste it yearning for Miles.
(Hello Roic.) I love the way Miles encourages Roic's interest in Taura,
and is quite ready to swap notes with him, to Roic's cringing 
embarrassment. Miles isn't always good at the finer points of social
behaviour (ya think?!)
> I think Elli would be more of threat: Elli, who disliked Barrayar and refused to live there. If Miles married Elli, and he wanted to, he'd be leaving Barrayar for good. If Aral believed that would make Miles happy, maybe he'd aceept it, but I don't think he'd believe that any more than I would.

> elizabeth
Miles leaving Barrayar was always seen as an option, by Cordelia and
Aral. Oddly, not by Miles. I think in that way Piotr saw him more clearly,
or influenced him more. There's a lot of old Piotr in Miles.

Elli wasn't ever a possibility for Barrayar. She'd have hated it as much
as Cordelia, but without Cordelia's detachment, or ability to adapt.

I wonder if she finds someone on a permanent basis, after Miles gets
married. He'd have to be a very brave man. Or woman. Or herm. 


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