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The situation with Gregor is that he'd grown up with the image of his father

as Great Heroic Man--getting out into the Nexus and discovered his sainted 
father was actually as sadist homicidal manical mass murder, blew up his 
universe.  Nikki though, had grown up his entire life witnessing his father 
being abusive.  He did not have a view of Tien as Great Heroic Man, he had 
the up close and personal view of Tien as nasty mean abuser, bad provider, 
squanderer of income, and belittle of Nikki's mother. 

NEW from JRJ> Not certain that a child as young as Nikki would have
recognized Tien as an abusive father.  Children often have a weird sort of
acceptance.  Well, what basis for comparison do they have?

And Ekaterin was at pains to preserve Nikki's good opinion of Tien.  Nor do
I think anyone told him until after Tien's death that he, Nikki, needed a
treatment, or - possibly ever - that Tien had been withholding permission
for it.  Ekaterin would have prevaricated if asked.

Nikki seemed to be reacting more to the notion of his peers rejecting him
because he had some sort of disease at all, at first.  His shame about his
father was more because Tien had been so stupid about the breath masks, it
seemed to me; he may have been troubled about his mother's unhappiness and
the quarrels, but didn't much catch on to the abuse until returning to
Barrayar - maybe he heard half-digested gossip from the other kids in the
extended family.  But he had to be grateful to Gregor for treating him as a
person able to handle truths, so that he "knew enough to be going on with."

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