[LMB] OT: good book rec site - Murder series.

Stacey Hill stacey at xtra.co.nz
Thu Jan 13 02:51:19 GMT 2011

> From: adkinslawfirm at mindspring.com

> Gwynne admits to enjoying a nice murder.
> In that case, I highly recommend http://cozylibrary.com/ . Although it hasn't 
>been updated in a while, it's a great source for book reviews and 
> Jerrie

Thanks - not that I'm buying ANY MORE books.  Unless I really
really like them....    

Not listed in my scan of the titles are the following 

The Three Pines murder series by Louise Penney - all EXCELLENT murder/crime 
novels about a tiny little town in nowhere in Canada and the amazing Inspector 
Gamache and his team who solve them and the entertaining inhabitants of Three 
Pines.  Its the only place I could imagine wanting to live in even tho people 
keep dying horrible deaths LOL


There are annoying title changes for different issues :(

And there usually seems to be a grisly death of some kind historically involved 
in the Carol Goodman books.  All standalones and all also *excellent* - I really 
like how she entwines the historical story with the current day one to tell a 
wonderful tale.


I have read everything she has written except the first one as my library doesnt 
have it for some reason.

And if you want light murder chic lit then the Scrapbook series by Laura Childs 
is fun stuff


She does a Tea Shop series but only read the first one.


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